DATE: 21 May 2015
TIME: 20:00
LOCATION: 'S Gravendijkwal 127, Rotterdam
Jazzcafé Dizzy 21 May 2015

For years, young and old find their way to Dizzy. The leading jazzcafé is a Rotterdam household name and ensures a lovely evening or afternoon in an ‘arty’ jazz atmosphere.

We sure hope that young and old also will find their way on Thursday the 21st of May, because Brassta La Vista will perform here that evening. It will be the official try-out of their show!
So we definitely would like it if you would pay us a visit and listen to our music.
The evening will also be spiced up with a support act which will be announced later on and we will play a set of approximately one hour!
Entree is free this evening so you really need a good excuse to not come around!

We are ready for having a great evening, we hope you also will!

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